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ADLIB VENTURES/Products/01PL041 IBM LTO Ultrium 8 Storage drive Tape Cartridge 12000 GB

01PL041 IBM LTO Ultrium 8 Storage drive Tape Cartridge 12000 GB

01PL041 IBM LTO Ultrium 8 Storage drive Tape Cartridge 12000 GB

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    Tape cartridge portability Facilitates remote, offline data storage for superior protection from natural or manmade threats that can impact online or on-site data storage. IBM LTO 8 data cartridges are compatible with LTO Ultrium 8 tape drives, which offer device-level data encryption to ensure data privacy and reduce the risk of data corruption due to virus or sabotage. The WORM cartridge model stores data in a non-erasable, non-rewritable format to prevent overwriting and reduce the risk of data loss due to human error. IBM Spectrum Archive? support With IBM Spectrum Archive, the data files are indexed to facilitate search and retrieval using disk-like directory tree structures and drag-and-drop techniques to improve the usability of tape solutions. IBM Spectrum Archive allows users and applications to directly retrieve files from tape rather than rely on proprietary, third-party applications, thereby significantly enhancing data access and potentially reducing software licensing costs and dependencies. Adherence to Linear Tape-Open Ultrium 8 standard Ensures compatibility with LTO Ultrium 8 vendors? tape drive and automation products. The solution also reduces your data storage investment risk by using open standards-based tape technology. Cartridge model and label options Available in rewritable and write-once-read-many (WORM) cartridge models and with custom, as well as blank and RFID-embedded cartridge labels.


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