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Maxell 22897000 Cleaning Tape

Maxell 22897000 Cleaning Tape

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    The Maxell 22897000 DLT Cleaning Data Backup Tape Cartridge belongs to the Digital Linear Tape format (DLT) and is developed by Maxell to offer great scalability and improved cleaning capability. This device is a cleaning cartridge and its sole purpose is to clean the DLT tape drives so that they do not malfunction during work. This works much like the video tapes in the past which were used to clean the inside of a VCR. This is important as any business cannot handle large amounts of downtime. The Maxell 22897000 DLT Cleaning Data Backup Tape is designed to help companies or even home based companies to effectively clean their DLT drives which helps store their critical data. It can be used to help increase efficiency of those DLT Tapes that archive important files so that they are protected from harm. Its rigid and durable design ensures that you can reuse it multiple times and its long archival life ensures that it can be reused for the distant future.

    Manufacturer Maxell
    Part Number 22897000
    Product Name: DLT Cleaning Tape
    Product Type: Drive Cleaner
    Application/Usage: Tape Drive
    Tape Length 360 mm
    Additional Information: Each cartridge can be used for up to 20 cleanings
    Tape Thickness: 13?m
    Compatibility: DLT Tape Drives
    Min Operating Temperature 10 ?C
    Max Operating Temperature 40 ?C
    Humidity Range Operating 20 - 80%
    Min Storage Temperature 16 ?C
    Max Storage Temperature 32 ?C

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