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Netgear XS505M-100NAS network switch Unmanaged 10G Ethernet (100/1000/10000) Black, Silver

Netgear XS505M-100NAS network switch Unmanaged 10G Ethernet (100/1000/10000) Black, Silver

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    Unlock the Potential of your 10G/Multi-Gig devices The XS505M and XS508M come with copper Ethernet 5-speed ports that provide either FastEthernet, 1-Gigabit, 2.5-Gigabit, 5-Gigabit or 10-Gigabit connectivity, as well as 1 SFP+ Fiber port with 1-Gigabit or 10-Gigabit connectivity. Each port automatically detects which speed is needed by the connected device and provides the adequate speed. As opposed to regular 10-Gigabit switches that will only provide 1-Gigabit connectivity to any device that require less than 10-Gigabit, the XS505M or XS508M give the exact speed required, no downgrade. Also, the new NETGEAR 5-speed switch ports can be connected with regular Cat5E Ethernet cables, without the need to upgrade to Cat6 wiring, therefore reducing wiring costs and hassle Cables and Speed The following paragraph describes the network cables that you can use for the switch connections and the speeds that these cables can support, up to 100 meters (328 feet). * 100Mbps with Category 5(Cat 5) or higher rated cables. * 1Gbps, 2.5Gbps or 5 Gbps with Category 5e(Cat 5e) or higher rated cables. * 10Gbps with Category 6A (Cat 6a) or higher rated cables NETGEAR Warranty This product is backed by a NETGEAR ProSAFE? Limited Lifetime Hardware Warranty. Lifetime Next Business Day Hardware Replacement. Click here for coverage, availability and terms and conditions. ProSUPPORT 24×7 Advanced Technical Support via phone for 90 days (Remote diagnostics performed by our technical experts for prompt resolution of technical issues). ProSUPPORT coverage can be extended by purchasing one, three, or five year contracts. ProSUPPORT Lifetime 24×7 Advanced Technical Support via chat.




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