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ADLIB VENTURES/Products/Quantum MR-L8MQN-01 backup storage media Blank data tape 12000 GB LTO 1.27 cm

Quantum MR-L8MQN-01 backup storage media Blank data tape 12000 GB LTO 1.27 cm

Quantum MR-L8MQN-01 backup storage media Blank data tape 12000 GB LTO 1.27 cm

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    Meeting the Needs of a Broad Market WHY CHOOSE QUANTUM LTO ULTRIUM MEDIA – Quantum?s LTO Ultrium media is manufactured to the highest industry standards for quality and reliability?ensuring high performance and durability, whether used for primary backup or long-term archive. – A pioneer of the LTO Consortium, Quantum is committed to the continued development of the LTO platform. Quantum?s comprehensive media quality monitoring and extensive interoperability testing ensures cross-platform compatibility, optimal performance, and reliability whether you?re using a Quantum tape drive, library, or other LTO-compatible hardware. – Quantum?s LTO Ultrium media is compliant with all media integrity analysis utilities. You can add another level of protection throughout the lifecycle of your data with the Advanced Media Usage Report and Extended Data Life Management (EDLM) features available in Quantum LTO Ultrium media. Media analysis and usage reports provide a view of the media condition for an entire media pool used within a specific tape library, even those in off-site storage. EDLM is a unique Scalar? automation feature designed to ensure the media integrity of cartridges placed in longterm archival or vaulted storage that are no longer used during normal operations. When your critical data is involved, it?s important to have a complete health record of your media. – LTO Ultrium Write Once, Read Many (WORM) media cartridges are available to meet today?s stringent regulatory and compliance requirements. Combined with native AES 256-bit encryption on LTO-8, LTO-7, LTO-6, LTO-5, and LTO-4 drives, WORM cartridges physically prevent data from being overwritten or tampered with once it is written to the device?providing a reliable, accurate, and scalable data integrity solution. – Quantum?s LTO media offering supports your comprehensive, ?edge-to-core? backup, recovery, and archive strategy. When you use Quantum media and hardware, you get the added assurance of over 30 years of storage experience and service behind the entire solution. SAVE TIME AND MONEY WITH QUANTUM?S COMPLIMENTARY VALUE-ADDED SERVICES Quantum is performing additional process and quality tests on its LTO Ultrium data media, demonstrating our continuing commitment to provide the highest quality LTO media. Quantum Certification focuses on five key user metrics: capacity, transfer rate, servo, and green media characteristics, with specific emphasis on testing the durability of the written data. Have you ever spent hours unpacking, labeling, and loading media into your library? Why waste IT resources unpacking boxes and labeling cartridges? Your time and your data are valuable. We understand that. – Allow Quantum to pre-label your data cartridges with your requested bar code label sequences and color scheme. They will arrive ready to load into the library. No need for individual cartridge cases? No problem! We offer ?library packaging? to save you time. – This eco-friendly bulk packaging option protects cartridges during shipment and storage without the individual cartridge cases. This allows quicker access to the cartridges to expedite loading into automation slots/trays? and it results in less waste. Combine bar code labeling with library packaging and save even more time!




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